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Posted by Mary Shearer on July 16, 2000 at 18:03:43:

In Reply to: Bisexuals for Victoria Woodhull ?!!! posted by Alex Laurie on July 15, 2000 at 00:18:06:

The diversity of Victoria Woodhull fans is amazing--from feminists to "Right to Lifers" and from Wall Street brokers to communists. Victoria Woodhull & Company is grateful for the support of all communities, whatever their views. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people should include ALL the people and not just the oligarchical few.

We don't want people to draw the wrong conclusions, though, about Victoria's sexuality. Despite the support she receives from the gay and bisexual community, Victoria was a heterosexual who idealized monogamy. Her sex life was probably considerably more boring than most biographies lead one to believe. Despite the insinuations, she did not have a homosexual relationship with Isabella Beecher Hooker.

During her lifetime, Victoria published the views of Moses Hull, who believed that multiple sex partners were beneficial for him and his wife. As a result of that publication, many people came to believe Victoria advocated promiscuity. That's not so. She was opposed to Moses Hull's practices. However, she believed that as a consenting adult, he should be free to follow his own path with other consenting adults. There's reason to believe that her view towards Moses Hull would also apply to homosexual and bisexual individuals.

Victoria believed that every relationship should based on love, and by that she meant love in the spiritual or emotional sense--not in the physical, sexual sense. Any relationship not based on love was, in Victoria's view, prostitution.

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