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The Woodhull Platform

The following platform consists of actual Victoria Woodhull quotes from the late 19th century. All material outside quotations was written by the owner of Victoria Woodhull & Company, based on the principles of Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927).

Victoria Woodhull Speaks Across the Centuries

"I am well aware that in assuming this position I shall evoke more ridicule than enthusiasm at the outset. But this is an epoch of sudden changes and startling surprises. What may appear absurd today will assume a serious aspect tomorrow. I am content to wait until my claim for recognition as a candidate shall receive the calm consideration of the press and the public."

"All well-informed persons, know that the people have nothing to do with present legislation; know that it is capital--wealth--in one form or another, that controls not only the law-making, but the law-executing power, as well. The people no longer require rings, lobbies and cliques to attend to their business, and in adopting the referendum as one of the demanded reforms they propose to wipe them out of existence."

The Referendum is as follows:

"At the ending of each Congress all the bills that shall have received the approval of the President, or which shall have been finally enacted by Congress, together with such as shall remain in the hands of the President after the final adjournment of Congress, shall be turned over to the Register of United States Laws, and be by him referred, through the Governors of the several States and Territories, to the people for their approval, to be by them voted upon at the next general election, before becoming law; and if any bill fail(s) to receive a majority of the votes of all the citizens voting upon it, then it shall be considered as rejected by the people; and it shall not become a law."

"The uses of government should be to foster, protect and promote the possession of equality. How does the condition of society reply to this standard for government? Is there anything that even approaches to equality in any of the various phases of life? I unhesitatingly answer, no! Look where we may...everything is made to turn upon the rights of property, and nothing upon the rights of humanity."

"Hundreds, thousands, aye, millions of human beings, men, women and children, wander the streets of our cities and the highways of our country, hungry, ragged and cold, vainly seeking in this land of plenty, where physical want should be unknown."

Since this web site was started in 1999, two million more people are now living in poverty in the United States for a total of 37 million people. That's just a couple million short of the entire enumerated population of United States in 1870! Approximately 12 million people have experienced homelessness at some point in their lives, and there are probably around 3.5 million homeless people in the country today.

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